KingRoot PC

Without any elaboration, root Android Smartphone stands for, achieve exceptional permissions. Throughout, the device accord users complete rights to their beloved Android device by break out all the unexposed features that you unconcerned thus far. For that, you have to go through a supportive application like KingRoot PC. It is one of the superbly designed utilities among hundreds of rooting tools. Simple and plain graphical user interface and instructions will guide you through a perfect operation and that will assuredly triumph victorious results. Everything behind KingRoot PC is downloading the application > Establish on PC and click root button. From then, users will be able to accomplish whatever that they spoil for.


What’s more about KingRoot PC?

KingRoot PC is one of the famed and recommended Android rooting tools. It lets users go through the one-click root method that the entire user have to do is click a button for the entire operation. Behind that, King Root tool has both KingRoot PC and KingRoot APK tool options. So you can choose whether it should be a Windows-based PC option or else the direct Android application on your hands. Both options frequently update with new root scripts and even fix to make their consumers easy and sharp.

However, KingRoot Windows promised to offer almost all root-only features for its users. And it compatible with approximately all Smartphone and Tablet replicas in the market such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Oppo, Lenovo, Huawei and so on running Android 2.2 or later up to Android 9.0.

Download Kingroot PC

The best rooting tool

As we went through amazing features and performances of KingRoot PC, we call it the best rooting tool in the market. All the users should do is launching the tool on their PC and click root button. It is such an easy method though we often say APK methods are the easiest way to bring single click root permission.

Purify is a third-party installation that comes behind KingRoot PC. Users can find out Purify app from their app drawer once the rooting process is over. Throughout, users can easily clean cache data to save battery, remove preinstalled apps, force auto-start apps plus more. Being a free tool is the most highlighted part of Download KingRoot PC.

How to root Android using KingRoot PC?


  • Before all else, enable USB debugging mode from the device Settings section
  • Compile a workable Windows personal computer or Laptop with a connectable USB cable
  • Create a full backup of data
  • Download KingRoot PC latest version
  • Install necessary USB drivers to the PC
  • Charge the handset completely/100% to keep the device alive till the end of the process

How to?

Troubleshooting tips

Note: You will encounter KingRoot PC as a Chinese based application. But it is not complicated because guidelines are simple and plain.